Photoshop  真的是人類的偉大發明,  讓圖像與照片更精采, 這張具有諷刺意味的假廣告, 也許過於誇大, 不過倒是說明了, 數位技術確實可以掩蓋 自然的定律,  至於你要如何讓自己的照片也有 明星  吹彈可破  的肌膚, 請看下面的文章,一生受用。

So Cruel....

So Cruel....


How to Create Movie Star Skin?

The first thing to do is duplicate the background layer. Run a filter on the newly created layer – Filter -> Blur -> Surface Blur. The settings you choose will depend on the resolution of your image, but you‘ll want to blur the image until you can no longer see the individual pores and inconsistencies in the skin texture. In this case, I used a radius of 11 pixels and a threshold of 10 levels. Click OK.